Paid Technical Interview?

We run on Rails 7 with Hotwired and Tailwind CSS. We'd like to work with folks who love those technologies. Let's get introduced over a small, paid project.

Hey there!  Would you like to work with us?  We're looking for a few great people to join out team.  If you're a great person, and a great engineer, please read on.

We run on Rails 7 with Hotwired and Tailwind CSS.  I'd like to work with folks who love those technologies.  There's a bunch more there, of course.  Our technology scope will continue to expand.  But we are Rails at our core and you should be, too.

We are all lifelong learners.  I'd like to work with folks who know they don't know everything.  I don't either.  It motivates me to poke at new technologies and dig deeper into the ones we work with.  You should be keeping an eye on edge Rails, and wondering when Strada will drop so we can properly bring Fixable to iOS and Android!

The Catch

There is none. We're being open and honest. Check it out:

We'd like a little tool to help our Pros promote themselves.  I'll describe it below.  We'll pay you to build it.  And if we love it, we'll push it into production.

You should do a great job on the code, of course.  You should also get to the know the team, how we work, and why we're building Fixable.  Think of this like a date.  Iff we both have a great time, we should continue the relationship.

We want this to be a transparent, healthy and honest long-term relationship.  It can start slow as we get to know each other.  Then continue as a full time job with benefits and startup-level equity.  Or a part time gig, open to getting more serious in time.  Or we just keep it light with contract work for now, no pressure.

The Paid Technical Interview

AND a push to production!

Before we start: please get in touch before you begin.  This is a blog post.  It's out of date immediatley.  We wouldn't want you to be working under incorrect assumptions.

Begin a new Rails 7 project with rails new ProPrintables --css=tailwind --database=postgresql. git add everything and make the initial commit.

Your app should show a number of different Designs.  We'll provide a few now, there will be more in the future.  An example design:

Inside the blank rectangle goes a QR code.  It will point to a URL.  The URL will be configured partially by the design and partially by the Pro who is going to print it.

Each Design should have attributes to store the baseURL and an optional query_string. These will be the same for every viewer of the Design. When a user GETs the URL for the Design, they may include a query parameter (like path=@userName) that will become part of the final URL.

The final URL should be baseURL+path+?query_string, leaving out any portions that are blank?.

The page with the Design on it, when printed, should print the fully composed Design (ie. stored image + generated QR code).  The Design should print on a single 8.5" x 11" page and should not include any other portions of your app's UI.  Let's also include a button that our Pros can click to print the Design page!

I ask that you use Rails 7, Hotwired, Tailwind and any gems you need – just like we would on any other project destined for production.  I've deliberately left this as unconstrained as possible to give you freedom of implementation.  If the motivation or specs are too vague, please speak up.  This should be a real project we're building together.