Fundraise Thank Yous

Fundraising is neither the starting point nor the finish line.  It is a big part of the game.  It changes your trajectory.  To some it looks like money.  To us, it’s about connecting with people who appreciate our mix of crazy and capable.

Our team grew from 3 co-founders to 30+ people.  That’s a lot of people invested in us.  Folks who put their money and their trust in us.  We are thankful.  We are working hard.  We are super excited to be on this journey together.

Reach Capital

To James Kim and the entire team at Reach Capital, thank you.

Hustle Fund

To Will Bricker and the entire team at Hustle Fund, thank you.

Our Angels

Vaibhav Arya, Selom Azuma, David Bree, Chris Campo, Johnny Cihocki, Al Doan, Allen Feliz, Brian Hong, Amit Klien, Frank Lazio, Will Lerner, Olivia Maloney, Matt McLeggon, Allen Morgan, Joseph E Morone, Joseph G Morone, Reece Pacheco, Zak Putnam, Rob Rodriguez, Chris Savage, Brendan Schwartz, Jane Spinosa, Matt Steiner, Henry Sztul, Dominick Tavella, Jon Warman, you are angels. Thank you.

So many more

The orchestra is trying to play me off, but the microphone hasn’t been cut.  We have so many more people that support us.  They put their faith and trust in us.  They encourage us and truly believe in this vision.  To our families, friends, Pros on Fixable, and everyone who touches our lives, thank you.