Why Fixable is the Future for Home Service Businesses

You run a successful company, why should you worry about another new service trying to help you grow? You can barely find enough hours in the day to manage the jobs you have.

Exactly! Think about all the potential business you miss because of off-hours, or poor communication tools, or simply being busy with work. What if you could close business while you sleep, snap it into your busy schedule, and wake up with your calendar booked? Well...

We built Fixable AI as a net for you to capture leads effortlessly, and close inbound traffic 24/7 using our embedded AI. Home service pros are using our AI to engage with web visitors instantly, increasing customer capture and bookings significantly.

Fixable spent years speaking to thousands of home service business owners learning how digital tools let you down and even make your life HARDER. We are going to be the rainmaker for your business, unlocking profitability and efficiency without making your life any busier. In fact, we want you to go on vacation this year!

What's even better, Fixable does this without asking for upfront costs (like all the other lead gen folks), allowing you to offer a truly valuable experience for your customers.

How Does It Work?

We custom-train our AI for your business and embed it into your website (we also offer hosting). From there, you now have an intelligent customer service mechanism to interact with visitors instantly, 24/7. Our AI fields questions, gathers contact info, and books appointments.

No more tracking down leads from forms, or frantically trying to respond to texts and calls. Leave it to us so you can focus on the job at hand.

Ready to try it?

Try it for yourself (www.fixable.ai), and email us to get started: join@fixable.pro